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Björn Persson is a fine art photographer, renowned for captivating images of our planet’s wildlife, inspiring us to engage and protect the natural world.

Björn Persson’s mission goes beyond just documenting animals; he delves deeper, seeking to capture their true essence. With each click of his camera, Persson endeavors to portray animals as they truly are; sentient, emotional, and intelligent beings.
In a departure from traditional wildlife and documentary photography, Persson adopts a more artistic and innovative approach to his craft. His images are carefully crafted to evoke a profound connection with the viewer. By skillfully manipulating light, composition, and context, he creates images that transcend the confines of documentary reality, immersing viewers in the beauty and emotional depth of the animal kingdom. He believes that by portraying animals as sentient beings, he can inspire people to acknowledge the intrinsic beauty and worth of these extraordinary creatures. Persson tirelessly works to dismantle the conventional assumptions that humans have superiority over animals. Instead, he aims to bridge the gap between species, reminding us that we are all connected. Through his artistry, he invites us to recognize that animals are living souls, deserving of our respect, compassion, and appreciation.

Björn Persson – Behind the lens

In a world overwhelmed by negativity, Persson seeks to inspire positive engagement. Driven by an unwavering ambition to inspire and educate, Björn uses his imagery to shed light on wildlife-related issues. But instead of showcasing distressing images, he celebrates the beauty of wildlife to foster empathy and appreciation. Instead of succumbing to despair, he wants to infuse hope and inspiration into the hearts of his audience, fostering a collective responsibility to protect and preserve our threatened wildlife.

Björn’s vision goes beyond the mere portrayal of wildlife; it embodies a powerful call to action, urging people to engage with and advocate for the welfare of our planet and its inhabitants. With each image, Björn seeks to kindle a flame of compassion, guiding us towards a future where the coexistence between man and nature is harmonious and sustainable.


The essence of Björn’s photography lies in establishing a profound connection with the animals he captures through his lens. Recognizing that the true beauty and spirit of wildlife can only be authentically conveyed through an intimate understanding, he holds a belief in the importance of getting up close and personal with his subjects. By seeking this closeness, Persson endeavors to immortalize not just their physical forms, but also the depth of their character and spirit, ultimately imparting a sense of empathy to those who view his work.

Björn Persson in savannah with camera
Björn Persson Photographing elefants and from helicopter
Björn Persson photographing elefant

A special moment when Björn, grateful for the opportunity to share his vision of the natural world, met Sir David Attenborough and Jane Goodall, to give them his photography books.

David Attenborough and Jane Goodall

A collection of Persson’s most exquisite images, showcasing the soulful essence and splendor of wild animals in their natural habitats. From majestic elephants to remarkable landscapes, each frame tells a compelling story, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intimate moments captured by Persson’s lens.